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Long time, no Twitter


I knew it had been a long time between “tweets” for me, but I didn’t realize it had been more than a year. When I logged into my Twitter account ( the other day to complete our #501dc assignment, I found that the last time I’d entered anything was May 21, 2008, when I’d noted I using Handbrake to rip a movie. Not a momentous event, but I do remember it, now that I see the note.

Looking down the screen, I saw entries for a couple of concerts, entries talking about which video games I was playing and a few assorted other notes. But the trip down memory lane ended on the second screen where I found the first tweet on March 24. Apparently, it took me just short of two months to tire of my own tweets, probably because I didn’t think I was saying that much. I know I’m supposed to be answering the question “What are you doing?” but I’m usually trying to answer the question “What’s on your mind?”

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