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Enough about me already

If this week’s assignment hadn’t involved updating my LinkedIn profile, I wonder if I would have ever done it.

I signed up for LinkedIn a couple years ago, but never provided a summary, hadn’t added all my past jobs and skipped some of the schools I attended. No wonder the site said my profile was only 75 percent complete.

Like most people, I don’t enjoy doing these bio-related things, especially if it feels like a boast. They seem immodest at best. But LinkedIn is an online resume combined with a networking system. If there’s anywhere you should make an honest accounting of accomplishments and experience, this is probably it.

According to my network stats, I have 142 direct connections. Friends of friends would bring me to more than 14,000 connections. And going another step would broaden the circle to 1.3 million people. Nearly 2,000 people joined my network in the last week alone.

You never know who might end up seeing your name.