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Lifelogging vs. lifestreaming

Lifelogging and lifestreaming (or storystreaming as some news outlets are calling it) are basically two versions of the same idea. Both are used to capture and store memories, but while lifelogging is geared more towards storing information in private, lifestreaming shares your information through a blog.

The Old Media, New Tricks blog has been talking about lifestreaming or storystreaming for a while. The first piece I saw about it talked about how the Austin American-Statesman used a service called Posterous to gather photos from readers on a specific topic. As Austin approached a record for 100-degree days last summer, the editors set up a Posterous account where readers could submit photos for a weekend that showed how they were coping with the heat. They then ran a story about this in the paper and used the photos that were collected for a slideshow on the site.

Like other blogging sites, Posterous is only as good as what’s being sent to it. It’s really designed for mobile photo posts, but I see people using it as a regular blog as well. (“Office” fans might want to check out Rainn Wilson’s blog.)