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Bio: Take two

Here’s the more formal rewrite of my earlier bio for 506DE:

Chuck Nelson is an award-winning print journalist and new media enthusiast with an extensive background in the news industry.

Chuck served as reporter and editor at the Pickerington Sun; reporter, sports reporter, sports editor, Sunday editor and city editor at the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; assistant editor and editor of The Daily Reporter; copy editor at The Columbus Dispatch and now Web producer for

As the Web began to emerge, Chuck built the one of the first newspaper Web sites to launch in Ohio while at The Daily Reporter. He later produced and co-hosted the first ongoing podcast by a U.S. newspaper, earning notice from NPR and the Wall Street Journal. That podcast, which focused on video game reviews and news, recently ended after a five-year run and more than 200 installments.

As Web producer for, he produces various podcasts, participates in video and multimedia production, and is involved with the site’s social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

Chuck attended the journalism school at Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in political science from Capital University. He is currently enrolled in a master’s program in Interactive Communication at Quinnipiac University.

Long time, no Twitter


I knew it had been a long time between “tweets” for me, but I didn’t realize it had been more than a year. When I logged into my Twitter account ( the other day to complete our #501dc assignment, I found that the last time I’d entered anything was May 21, 2008, when I’d noted I using Handbrake to rip a movie. Not a momentous event, but I do remember it, now that I see the note.

Looking down the screen, I saw entries for a couple of concerts, entries talking about which video games I was playing and a few assorted other notes. But the trip down memory lane ended on the second screen where I found the first tweet on March 24. Apparently, it took me just short of two months to tire of my own tweets, probably because I didn’t think I was saying that much. I know I’m supposed to be answering the question “What are you doing?” but I’m usually trying to answer the question “What’s on your mind?”

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