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Wrapping up 506DE

Mark Luckie is my new hero.

Here’s a guy that’s been cranking out great posts in his blog, 10,000 Words, and his Twitter feed, wrote a book about multimedia journalism and was the multimedia director for a cool journalism startup, California Watch.

Where did all that hard work get him? He’s been hired by the Washington Post as their “national innovations editor.” Nice.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think he’d used the lessons in this course as a guide to his self-made success.

The Nieman Journalism Lab said:

“Journalists, if you’re looking for evidence of the professional power of the personal brand, this is it. “

The power of the personal brand. That was a big part of this course for me; beginning to learn that the things that interest me could be harnessed in a way that could help me advance my career. It helped me focus on writing about those things in this blog and ultimately creating a new blog just for those posts:

I want to say that I’ll stick with the new blog, but I can’t promise that. I’m already a few posts behind where I wanted to be, though I’m making a list in case I find time to catch up. Much of that will depend on the demands of next semester’s classes, work and the new twins.

But I’m considering pitching some new ideas — similar to Luckie’s new position — when I come up for review in the fall. We’ll see if this class’s emphasis on personal promotion will pay off.

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  1. oldtvnewsguy says:

    Great final post, Chuck. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog entries and your new site looks great. It appears to be a WordPress layout. Who is hosting?

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks. The new site is a on a server where I buy space. It’s pretty cheap, like $100 a year. I ran a podcast site there for a couple years and my wife has taken over the URL for a little blog on the kids (