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The script for this piece:

Spotting the next big thing in publishing is no small feat. But New Ideas In is designed to help you do just that.

Are newspapers, magazines and even books becoming a thing of the past? Will you be consuming more information through e-readers and tablet computers in the near future? How can smartphones help get your publication’s contents into the hands of new readers?

Publishers big and small are scrambling to find new revenue streams. They want to wring more profit from their websites, attract readers to subscription-based offerings on e-readers and tablets, and learn how to make mobile platforms a larger part of their brand.

These are some of the issues has already begun to tackle.  Issues like:

The longevity of print newspapers: You don’t need a costly distribution system or expensive materials to run a successful online news operation.

The growing role of tablet computers: Will the iPad save your publication? Probably not but it might give you a new chance to charge for digital content.

Which publications are making paywalls work …  and which are not: The Wall Street Journal continues to attract paying customers to its site, while other online news outlets – like the London Times – are struggling to convert their free websites to paid.

I’m Chuck Nelson, the founder of the blog and its lead writer.

As a 30-year news veteran, I’ve often been ahead of the curve in identifying promising new trends.

I launched one of the first newspaper websites in the country after learning HTML from Netscape Navigator tutorials.

I produced and co-hosted the first podcast by a newspaper: the video-game review show called GameOn! which recently ended after a five-year run and more than 260 episodes.

I’ve conducted training in digital media for the Society of Professional Journalists and other journalism organizations.

And, maybe most important, I’m a working web producer who’s in a position to experiment with and evaluate new tools and techniques.

I hope you’ll find the site timely and the analysis useful. Each post is designed to cut through the hype of conflicting business models and shine a light on the ideas that give publications the best chance at success.

Here are a few examples:

Did you know that Wired magazine’s first iPad edition outsold the print version on the newsstand?

Do you know the key points to consider when deciding if your publication needs an iPad edition or where to find the tools to build that kind of app?

What are the strategies websites are using to stem the tide of hostile user comments without silencing a sense of community and free speech?

And if print isn’t the answer in the long term, what new platforms might step up to carry publishers down the road?

These are some of the topics has covered in its first few weeks, providing clear information and common sense advice in a quickly changing environment.

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