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My editor has made the comment at least once that he’s committed to “saving the newspaper industry.” It seems like a lot for one guy, but I know his intentions are sincere. He works hard to make sure the Columbus Dispatch is the best it can be and he’s succeeding in creating innovative ways to collaborate with other publications.

In a way, I want to help do the same thing through this blog.

In the preceding posts, I’ve begun to explore the changing role of digital media and discuss its impact on the news industry. While I may not break much news, I hope to offer analysis of current situations and keep an eye on options for the future of the business.

As a web producer at, I’m on the front lines of digital journalism. It can be a confusing place, since everything keeps changing so rapidly.  But it also puts me in a position to study new developments and draw conclusions about which tools and strategies could help news organizations.

Already, I’ve looked at the effect tablets are having on the news industry, how one magazine’s iPad version has set the benchmark for that platform, explored the idea that newsrooms can survive even if newspapers don’t and outlined some of the ways newspapers might be able to turn their websites into better revenue streams.

By the end of the semester, I want to see two things happening with the blog:

  • The first is to identify a name for it that will instantly suggest what potential readers will find in the posts. I’m not sure that’s possible, but I have a few ideas.
  • The second goal is to have built up enough posts that I can begin to generate an outline for a capstone project based on the posts. This could be a more sophisticated version of the blog itself, a compilation of the posts into some kind of publication, or a publication that uses the posts as a starting point for more in-depth analysis of the topics.

They may sound like modest goals, but they will require constant monitoring of industry news and events and the understanding of how each fit into the bigger picture.

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