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Ben and Mike with Dad

Ben and Mike with Dad

Our boys arrived Thursday morning, July 1, and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone came home from the hospital yesterday and we’re all doing fine, getting to know each other and establishing new routines.

As I was trying to get Benjamin to burp after a feeding yesterday, I was looking at his eyes and thinking about all the things he and his brother Michael will see. The world has changed pretty quickly in the last 10-20 years and it’s only likely to pick up speed.

They’ll grow up around books — in one form or another. We have lots of books in the house and there are already two or three Dr. Seuss books waiting for them on my iPad. Will that be the standard when they learn to read? When they start high school or college?

What will computers look like when they’re old enough to use one? Some experts already are showing that the growth of tablets is edging out demand for netbooks. PC’s — though still selling well — are a shrinking part of computer sales, especially when compared to laptops. Mobile is obviously the wave of the future.

Their entertainment options will likely be mostly digital as well. We have an iPod speaker base in their room and I’ll be setting up a lullaby playlist soon. Later, I’m sure our DVR will store lots of their favorite shows.

Like older kids today who don’t know what 45′s were and learned to tell time on a digital clock, will these guys have any use for a DVD or CD in a few years?

The answers will be determined at the crossroads of advancing technology and consumer interest.

But we may have to read The Cat in the Hat tonight on the iPad, just to start down the digital road.

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3 Responses

  1. malicreates says:


    You are right to question how things will change for them as they get older.
    The way they do things then will drastically differ from how they are done today and how we did them yesterday. Everything has become digital. My 7 year old cannot fathom doing things the wayI did. What do you mean encyclopedia? The good thing is that you will learn with them. Enjoy your bundles!

  2. oldtvnewsguy says:

    Very cool, Chuck. The pace of technology change is indeed picking up speed…which makes sense, I suppose. With every advance, developers can now use that advance to create the next leap forward. My kids asked me if there were telephones when I was young. I asked them what the verb is for making a telephone call…as in “I looked up his number and ____ed.” “Dial,” of course, but they had no idea why it was called that. Enjoy!

  3. Chuck says:

    Thanks, guys. Oddly enough, a friend on Facebook posted this conversation with his young daughter yesterday:

    Grace: How old were you when you got your first cellphone?
    Me: Uh, I was 30.
    Grace: Dad, be serious.