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I recently decided to give a try again since I’m doing more with Twitter these days. I was just getting used to using it when they upgraded their service this week, including an interface refresh and features that now work with HTML5.

Everything worked as expected — until I attempted to add a second profile to my account so I could monitor and post tweets for work. That’s where things got a little fuzzy.

After fumbling around the new dashboard for a bit, I finally figured out how to accomplish my goal.

If you’re having a similar problem, walk through this short primer and see if it helps.

Here’s what my dashboard looked like when I started:

The globe in the top right represents my Twitter account. I thought maybe when I clicked on this that I’d get the option to add another account. But that didn’t happen.

I quickly found out that clicking on the owl icon on the top left unveiled a menu. The “Accounts” selection seemed like the logical choice, but it wasn’t. I stumbled through a few more areas before finally looking at the “Social Networks” section.

My account was listed under “Twitter,” but it didn’t immediately occur to me that I could add another account this way. I tried a few other things, still looking for the words “profile” or “account,” and finally ended up back on this page.

Eventually, when I’m trying to solve a problem like this, I’ll start clicking on anything just to see what happens. So, I finally clicked “Add Social Network” and another screen came up that said “Add Twitter Profile.”

Finally. I entered the information. When I saved it, I was told it was registered to someone else, but since I knew the password, it made me a “team” member.

Going back to the main dashboard screen, I could see that the second account was added. But now when I clicked in the container for the account icons, I got this screen:

When my cursor moved over the plus sign, “Add Social Network” appeared, now making it obvious that I could add additional accounts. Odd that this wasn’t an option until I’d already figured out the hard way to add an account.

Maybe that was the intent all along, or maybe it’s a bug. It doesn’t seem very intuitive if that’s the way they planned it.

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