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Do I pick a topic or does it pick me?

A quick look at links I’ve been posting to Facebook lately tells me that — surprise — I seem to have a deep interest in digital media, its delivery on various devices (especially the iPad) and the transformation of the news industry.

That’s probably due in large part because I’m part of the news industry, I work in digital media and I own an iPad and other mobile devices. Go figure. and the Nieman Journalism Lab are two of my favorite sites and provide a lot of interesting source material. Through those sites and others, I’ve tried to keep track of how various news organizations are dealing with paywalls, developing mobile apps and other aspects of our changing industry.

I’ve already formed a few opinions about what will and won’t work and under what circumstances some of these ideas will succeed or fail. Some of those ideas have been shared with colleagues in and out of the newsroom. I’ve even written about a few for other classes using this blog.

That will probably be the thrust of my writing in #506DE as well.

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  1. Malicreates says:

    Great topic. it’s relevant to the times. Especially discussing the ipad changes and constant updates. This, particularly, should draw in a lot of attention because it’s a compelling topic. Perhaps each week you can discuss a different digital device such as cell phones, interactive media and game consoles ( you should like that one). It should be entertaining as well as informative. I do agree that Mashable has all the latest news on this topic. You may already know this, but Boing Boing and Read/Write Web are also good sources to gather this info.

    You may also consider adding a counter argument to your writings on this topic. Also, I just posted a link for this info on Twitter today, you can talk about Apples new version of Mac OSX10.64.