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Saving a few more trees

I had been meaning to buy my textbooks for #512DE this week and finally went on last night to put in my order. (I’d already checked the iTunes bookstore and didn’t see them listed.)

When I found them on Amazon, I noticed that both had Kindle editions. I also noticed the Kindle versions were about $10 less than the dead-tree editions. So, I bought them both.

I don’t own a Kindle. But I do have an iPad.

Early on, well before the iPad, Amazon developed a Kindle reader app or the iPhone. Now there’s a full version for the iPad as well. I downloaded that and figured I’d buy a few things to give it a shot.

I’m impressed enough with the results. But more importantly, I can carry those books — and hundreds more — all at one time in the iPad. And no trees were killed in their printing.

When I bought the iPad, I was hoping I’d be able to find some of my textbooks before I was done with the master’s program. Looks like I’m off to a pretty good start.

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2 Responses

  1. oldtvnewsguy says:

    Very cool. I haven’t taken the plunge yet on an iPad, but I can feel it coming. I’ll probably try to hold out a while longer form my bank account’s sake.
    It is kind of funny/ironic that Kindle and iPad are direct competitors but Kindle developed an app for iphone/ipad.

  2. Chuck Nelson says:

    I think Amazon is finding out that providing content is a lot easier than developing devices. Barnes & Noble is also following this path; its Nook reader was barely to market when it released an iPad app. I think they’re both smart to cover all the bases.