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Getting to know me — again

Didn’t get any use out of this blog last semester, but it looks like it will be a key component for at least one class this summer (506DE), so try to ignore the earlier posts and we’ll start over again with a little biographical information.

I think I’m what they call a late bloomer. It may take me a while to get up to speed, but when I do, I make up for lost time.

It took me a long time to finish my undergraduate degree. Longer to work my way into a job at a major newspaper. Longer still to find the right girl and settle down. And now, at 50, I’m anxiously awaiting the birth of my first children — twin boys, expected to arrive inside the next six weeks. (Stay tuned for pictures.)

I wasn’t always slow to adapt. I was a fairly normal child. But now that I think of it, my mother said it took a while before I  started to talk — and then I went right to full sentences. I was a slow reader in elementary school, but my comprehension was high. One teacher suggested my parents buy me comic books if that would help to get me reading. I liked her.

I enjoyed high school. Maybe a little too much. My senior year, I was only enrolled in music classes (three bands, two choirs) and the required English class or two. I went to a community college for a year, picking up some inexpensive credits that could be transferred later. “Go a year and see if you like college,” my father said. I went a year, but it was really just a bigger high school.

So, I enrolled at Ohio State as a sophomore and spent a year learning about landscape architecture. I was primarily interested in it for the design aspects and switched to journalism the following year after taking enough botany and horticulture to know I’d never last in that profession.

J school was a much better fit, despite the fact my spelling was sometimes creative and I was a little introverted. The change also introduced the requirement of 20 quarter hours of a foreign language, which I had managed to avoid in high school. After attempting Spanish, French and Latin over the next two years, I left school 16 hours short of a degree and took a job at a little weekly newspaper where I was working part time.

That first gig led to a job at a bigger paper, where I spent several years on the sports desk before becoming Sunday editor and then city editor. After a couple of attempts to go back to OSU, I finally finished a degree in political science at Capital University, right before I changed jobs again.

This time I went to a business publication where I came in as assistant editor and was later managing editor for a couple years.

I moved to the Columbus Dispatch almost 12 years ago and worked as a copy editor for the business section for nearly eight years before getting an opportunity to join the paper’s growing Web team three years ago.

Six years ago, I met my wife through an online dating service. About a year later, we were married. Last fall, I enrolled in the Interactive Communications master’s program at Quinnipiac. And before the first semester was through, we found out my wife was expecting.

And here we are. What’s next?

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  1. malicreates says:

    Congratulations on the impending arrival of your twins. I know you are excited to be a dad :-)