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Reprinted from It’s older than I thought, but I still like it:

Video-game Review | Fallout 3

Survival poses challenges aplenty

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 3:00 AM

By Chuck Nelson

Wake up and smell the radiation, America: Fallout 3 has arrived.

Bethesda Softworks has knocked another title out of the park. By taking the elements of the classic Fallout games and draping them over the framework that runs the world of Oblivion, Bethesda has created a post-apocalyptic sandbox full of challenges and adventures that should be on every top-10 list this year.

The game is set in Washington in 2277 — 200 years after a nuclear war struck the United States and 30 years after Fallout 2 took place. Generations have lived and died in the controlled environment of the underground fallout vaults, never venturing outside.

Players witness the birth of their character and learn the game controls through a series of events as their avatar matures. When an incident threatens their lives, it’s off to the Wastelands to start the real adventures.

While Fallout 3 is years away from the worlds created in Oblivion, players who enjoyed that game will have no trouble picking up the control schemes of the new title.

Players roam the vast areas of the game map to complete quests. Along the way, they’ll look for food, medicine and weapons. Key characters will provide information, food, lodging and medical skills. Many will invite gamers to complete tasks for them that advance their story.

There are few, if any, flaws in this game. The graphics are impressive — including the ruins of the capital. The game also takes full advantage of campy art reminiscent of the Cold War culture of the 1950s.

The only complaint might be the use of some salty language that seems gratuitous at times. But expecting the inhabitants of the brutal world of the Wastelands to be gentle is probably unrealistic.

While fighting has its place, it’s the quests that will occupy much of players’ time. If they are as plentiful and engaging as they were in Oblivion, Fallout 3 will provide hours of play.

And, as with Oblivion, it’s probably safe to expect expansion opportunities.

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