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Web site issues

My project’s legal implications are fairly clear cut and shouldn’t pose a particular threat to what I’m planning.

One of the things I want to do on my project site is to present in whole the lessons contained on other sites. The main reason for this idea is to create a bigger collection of tutorials while also making sure that the material exists somewhere other than its original Web site, as something of a backup. This way, if an original site containing this kind of material is hacked, closed or otherwise becomes unavailable, all of the valuable material on that site won’t be lost. went through this about a year ago, but managed to reconstruct his site and press on. I’m not sure that would be the case for everyone that has content to offer.

Since the bulk of the content that I expect to provide on my project site will have been authored by someone else, I will have to rely on obtaining permissions to reprint or reformat that information, depending on the type of copyright under which it was produced.

Some of the information I’m likely to use was developed under Creative Commons licenses, which will make it easier to build the collection on my site the way I want, giving full credit to the original authors and linking back to their sites.

Also, since the site is likely to be non-profit or educational, I believe I’ll have a little more leeway under the copyright laws, though I think there are ways to proceed with more limited listings for various pieces if their authors aren’t interested in taking part in my project. Abstracts, or some similar construct, could be used with direct links to the projects.

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