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Just catching up on my reading and was surprised to see that Desiree was told that Second Life is “a new form of instant messaging.” That’s a pretty interesting statement. I can understand why people in Second Life don’t want it to be referred to as a game, but I think this description is really oversimplified. If Second Life were only about communication, there’s no reason it would be as elaborate as it is. I spent at least a couple hours in world and didn’t experience much communication at all.

I also notice that I’m not alone in my indifference on this experience. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that this is a pastime for people who hate their lives, as Old TV News Guy does, but it’s pretty clear you could lose hours of time in this world. I guess the question is would you rather spend 20 hours beating Halo or invest that time in something where you don’t win or lose in the end? Is the achievement of beating a game or someone’s high score better than simply an enjoyable experience? I think you have to be in the group of people who enjoy the journey more than reaching the destination to like Second Life. I agree with him that I’ll take real life over what’s offered in Second Life.

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